Remembering The Wilberg Mine

Remembering The Wilberg Mine

 When you think of a hero, what do you think about? Hero's come in a lot of shapes and forms from our common citizen to our war hero with all their medals and ribbons. There are other hero's that dont even get the recognition of the heroic deeds they have done. We have the oil field workers, rail road workers, public service workers and the Miners among other professions that put their lives on the line everyday so we can have the luxury of even having the ability to turn on a light or stay warm in these brisk winter months. 

Today we honor the Miners and the Mine Rescuers that we hardly think about but would not enjoy the luxuries we take for granted today, without them.  We take time to remember the Wilberg Mine Fire and the 27 lives lost on December 19, 1984, 35 years ago. This hits home because it is from the area my husband, Griffin Black grew up and it was not the only mining disaster to hit his hometown. He later went on to lose his uncle, Dale Black,  a mine rescuer in another mine disaster to follow many years after. 

"Remember Wilberg" is a documentary produced by UTA's Department of Art and Art History about a December 1984 fire at the Wilberg Mine in Emery County, Utah. The fire killed 27 coal miners. The documentary took more than two years to produce. While it honors the victims of the disaster, it will also be used as a safety training tool for coal miners. A $1.3 million federal grant that was awarded to UTA's Division of Enterprise Development funded the project.


American Bad Ass Apparel would like to give a big shout out to the past and present Coal Miners that put their life on the line to do a job so us Americans can have energy and heat. You truly exemplify what it is to be "An American Bad Ass."  Thank-you for what you do!!!!!

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